Tiefling warlockThe Cursed Turathi bloodline, Tieflings, once long ago, were Humans; the nobles of an empire that rivaled even Arkhosia, Bael Turath. These 12 Houses that ruled the Aristocratic society of Bael Turath saw the rising power of Arkhosia as a grave threat to their own power. Seeing this, Asmodeus and his Devils, saw an opportune moment to exploit the Turathi thirst for power to his own ends. He sent his dark cult out to spread rumors of “Akhosia the Great”. The rumors spread like wildfire. How war was inevitable and how Bael Turath could never stand to conquer such a foe were on the tongues of every citizen within the year.

This in turn, fanned the fear of the noble houses making them more desperate by the day. What could they do? How could they hope to stand against Arkhosia? It was then in their darkest hour of desperation that Asmodeous sent forth the head of his cult to appear before the houses and present them his offer. To them he would grant the unimaginable power and strength of his devils in return for their eternal servitude. The Turathi hunger for power had been fanned to a roaring fire by the whispers of devils and no house refused this offer. And so it was a dark ritual was performed by every member of the noble houses of Bael Turath. No man alive today knows what atrocities were committed in this ritual, but when it was over and the next day had dawned the Turathi were changed. Their skin had been turned red, grey, and black. Horns grew from their heads and tails grew from their backs. Devils they had sworn allegience to and like devils they had become.

It was not long after this that the people of Bael Turath turned on their rulers. How could they let themselves be ruled over by devil spawn? The houses were set upon in great riots and those who did not escape were burned alive. The great city eventually did fall, but not to war with Arkhosia, but from within. The houses were scattered to the wind. The desendants of these, alive today, are known as Tieflings.

Despite their dark origin and appearance, Tieflings are far from being inherently evil. Indeed most are just like any average man trying to make his way through life, and indeed Tieflings have gained a strong enough foothold in society for the less ignorant of people to see them as any other mortal race. Still, the life of a Tiefling can be wrought with much prejudice and distrust. And the ties to the infernal are strong within the Turathi bloodline, making the path of the warlock and trickster easier for them then other mortals.


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