GoliathLong ago, in the early days of Aies Mara, the mountain Giants of the north enslaved humans captured in wars and raids. They would work these men hard, day and night, forcing them to do things they were either too large to accomplish or too lazy to do themselves. And while the men were worked to near death, the women were raped and forced to cook for the giants. Often these women would become with child and more often than not the birthing would kill them. These half giants born of slavery and violation were the very first Goliaths. It was soon discovered that these half giants could work twice as hard and were twice as strong as the human men were. Eventually, as more goliaths were born from slavewomen, the Giants began breeding these half giants. A slave too weak to offer resistance but twice as effective was priceless in their eyes. But the giants were foolish and greedy in their plans and soon were outnumbered by their slaves two to one. In a might revolt, the Goliaths claimed their freedom and became their own independent people. But, having no place in society, they became a nomadic people of the mountains.

Ages have passed since this time, and even though most goliaths still live in their tribes among the mountains of the world, they are not unheard of in the lands below. In some cities its even commonplace to see one or two of these mammoth men walking about.

With giant’s blood in their veins their strength is legendary. A full grown goliath can lift the equivalent of three average men. And though a “genius” goliath is as rare as a winter rose, they are far from stupid creatures despite their giant heritage would suggest. This is a testament to their human origins. And as Humans, despite their reputation, Goliaths are of all personalities from gentle giants to aggressive barbarians.

Your average Goliath stands between 7-8ft in height and can weigh over 300lbs.


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