ChangelingsChangelings or dopplegangers are a result of the dreams and desires of Nyx, goddess of the moon and illusion, during The First Creation. They inherited, from the night goddess, the ability to change their appearance at will into whatever humanoid form they wish and a knack for trickery, fitting to the children of the goddess of illusions. Indeed, no spy or assassin alive can compete with their Changeling counterpart, in skill or in price. For who better to slip undetected into an enemy stronghold than the enemy themselves?

As such, the Changeling’s natural abilities of illusion, trickery, infiltration, and spy work is a double edged sword, and has ensured all the other mortal races distrust of them. Many hold changelings with as much contempt as the monstrous races of Orcs and other such creatures. They are unnerved and paranoid of a creature that could take their own face if it so chose. It is because of this general unacceptance among the mortal races that changeling have an immensely secret and small society. They rarely gather in large groups with usually no more than three living together. In public they communicate through secret hand gestures and symbols announcing their location or who they are, and only show their true form in private. Changeling society is one of many secrets and loyalty. Almost all changelings would die before revealing anything about their ways. For it is their secrets that have kept them safe throughout the ages.

Despite their naturally mischevious ways many Changelings make an honest living and are simply trying to live out peaceful, productive lives amongst society. That Halfling baker down the street or that Half-elf merchant across the road could be a Changeling in disguise.

A changeling in its natural form is slender of build and a bit shorter than most humans, any where from 5’2’’-5’5’’, with solid white eyes and fine white hair. Their skin is pale white as well.


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