List of Deities

Major Deities

Deities of Good Alignment:
-Astara, the Lady of Love
-Andraste, the Farstrider
-Eos and Nyx, the Twin Goddess
-The Oak Father
-Valthonis, the Platinum Dragon

Deities of Neutral Alignment:
-Kharas, The Forger
-Morrigan, The Raven King
-Mystra, Mistress of Magic
-Sargonnas, The Mighty Bull
-Tyr, The Foehammer
-Zeboim, The Sea Witch

Deities of Evil Alignment:
-Arachne, The Spider Queen
-Asmodeus, Supreme Ruler of the Nine Hells
-Gurzil, The Hordemaster
-Tamax, The Dragonqueen
-Tharizdun, The Mad God
-Zalera, the Death Seraph

Minor Deities

-Baeron-Mal, Lord of the Hunt
-The Erinys
-Raina Maeve, Queen of the Faeries

Greater Primordials:
- The Eternal Flame, Kasai
- Water’s Heart, Tsiliria
- The Sky Lord, Ouranos
- The Greivous Stone, Dhaga

Lesser Primordials:
-Igneel, Lord of Earth and Flame
-Zhuul, Primal Ooze Lord
-Iskyla, Lady of Ice and Snow
-Valk, The Storm Titan

List of Deities

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